Custom Web Solutions

“The Process”

On this page, we’ll describe our design/development process so that you have an idea of what to expect along the way, as well as helping you to prepare for your part.   Most everyone’s life is already full and time is at a premium.   One of our primary missions is to make the journey from ideas (or even vague thoughts) to a website as easy and painless as possible for you.   Whatever your level of experience with the Internet and computers, we’ll get you there without much fuss.

The following steps are what we’ve discovered works best.   However, we are flexible, adaptive, & innovative enough to shorten or lengthen the process to suit your needs.

1. Assessment

Click the following button to view our Client Worksheet, which will guide you with questions through the initial assessment of what you want from your new site design/application.   Please fill out what applies to you and send it back to us via e-mail or mail (or have it handy for the next step).   If you’d rather wait for the one-on-one with us, that’s okay too.   Simply read through it to start coming up with ideas.

2. Discussion

We will arrange to meet with you in person or electronically (via phone and/or e-mail) to discuss your answers (prepared or off-the-cuff) to the particulars of your website needs (and anything else you can share to help us build a picture of who you are as a business or individual).   It’s not uncommon for design ideas to emerge during this initial meeting, and the session can turn out to be quite invigorating.

Once we have a clear idea of what the results will entail, we will outline your options and can usually quote you a price right then and there.   When a price has been arrived at, we ask that the first half of the fee be paid as a non-refundable deposit before work commences.

3. Design & Set-up

This is the time when you will be supplying us the necessary content that you have and wish used in the design, such as logos, photos, testimonies, etc.   We’ll turn on our creative juice distiller and build a graphical representation of the concept that is settled on.   Once completed, that picture will be sent to you for evaluation, feedback, modification, & eventual approval.

Meanwhile, we’ll also handle the details of registering your domain name (if necessary), setting up your server space, building databases, copying files, or whatever else is needed to lay the groundwork for your new or redesigned website/application.

4. Coding

After you give your approval of our design documents, we’ll begin the actual coding of your website/application.   Results will be posted to an area not linked to public view but accessible to you so that you can monitor our progress or can be developed in view if time is at a premium.

5. Completion

Only when you are satisfied that the project has been completed as specified will we bill you for the second half of the quoted fee.   You pay nothing more during development with the exception of those fees we incur on your behalf.

NOTE: if development is delayed beyond 2 months by customer, we reserve the right to bill for the balance before completion