Custom Web Solutions

Application Development

Application Development is where Picks Pix & Web really shines, providing solutions unique to your business or organizational computing needs.   Most everyone who owns a computer has access to the Internet and at least one browser to surf with.   We can create a browser-based system that’s tailor-made to your specifications.   Almost anything you can imagine can be accomplished with the tools at our disposal.

Our integerated shopping cart is but one example of the type of solutions we can customize to suit YOU.   Able to accomodate any number of items (one of our clients, who employed Tom as their webmaster for 7 years, has over 45,000 items in theirs that’s still in use to this day), our e-commerce engine will automatically provide a running total of selections in the shopper’s cart, calculate shipping based on the information input by the shopper and your criteria, validate the shopper’s information as it is entered, and even automatically contact you and the shopper with the final check-out results.

For another client (a multiple listing service), we developed their entire web-based data retrieval system where members can access the listing information in several formats via browser-based reports, appraisers can search through sales information based on various criteria, national marketing companies can include vital stats from their listing data, and even the public can access limited information about listings in the tri-county area served.

A local funeral home wanted to make their obituaries available online and we provided that. In addition, we developed a means for visitors to leave private condolences for the families of the departed, as well as doing advanced planning of funeral arrangements.

Do you have remote personnel that you need to keep informed without lengthly phone calls or expensive travel plans?   We can help.   Do you need to interact with your customers even though you can’t always be available when they are?   Talk to us.   We can most likely provide the solution to a variety of needs that you may not have even considered.

Since each project is unique, the pricing will be individual to the specifications you provide us and the complexity of the problem we are solving for you.   Our Application Development clients have been quite pleased with our results and the reasonable prices we charge.   Get in touch with us and we’re confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised!