Why the new name?

We started our web development business, PourHouse Productions, in July of 1995.   We saw the name as a clever play on the fact we were far from wealthy and our prices wouldn’t send our clients to the poorhouse.   In the fall of 2006, we started PhotoPicks Photography & Art as a separate entity from the web development business under which it had begun.

In 2011, we moved the businesses to Davenport Iowa, and merged the names in our advertising.   Our new location presents a branding challenge, though, as a local tavern sporting the name ‘The Pour House’ is within 3 miles of us.   Locals are thus associating us with a bar and that doesn’t blend well with photographic or web services.

Borrowing upon the play on our last name, as we did with PhotoPicks, we made Picks central to our brand and incorporated the two groups of services by adding Pix & Web.  We’re the same as we ever were, providing the same levels of service we always have!  Thanks for your interest! d:{D